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Very interesting how things shift quickly. My job for almost the past 2 decades has been entertainment in sports. I loved competing and pushing myself to be better. I really enjoyed connecting with the fans and the community. I was able to volunteer time at several children's hospitals in the Philly area but mainly to CHOP for most of those years. I believe the kids and parents in CHOP showed me a fight and a faith far more inspiring than I could ever give them. It's all inspiring!!
I believe that God has a plan for us all. As crazy as this path may be, it's all for a greater purpose (A Path at times that I can't comprehend). My next chapter thus far has consisted of speaking a good amount about my Faith during this life journey. I'm not sure if this is gonna be my next "thing" or not but doors keep opening up to use this platform. I was kinda of shocked this morning seeing my calendar.I have 9 confirmed events and 3 other TBA's events. I thank you Lord for these opportunity.

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